Wednesday, 5 June 2013

SE walk. Tuesday

Done about 10 miles today - 7:30 to 2:30. Great weather. Varied tracks and paths with the sea not far away. I am certainly not fit and the knee is suffering. I was well tired arriving at this municipal caravan and camping site south of Southwold where they have charged me £17.50.

Cooking in the tent tonight. Cup a soup, instant potato and corned beef. And tinned pineapple chunks.

Sorry. Have not been able to get on line well enough reply to comments, by I do see them as they also arrived as email. Will reply when I can.

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gimmer said...

that is the time and mood, balm for which you need to bring out the butterscotch Angel Delight!
Very glad to read that things improved the next day - if your route has, perforce, to take you through Ipswich, I will ask you to examine two sides of a ?

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer-that's ok if you happen to have half a pint of milk, but please read next post for mental re overly.

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer - I go nowhere near Ipswich. Sorry.