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Monday, 29 July 2013

Arnside tp Uckington part 2

Some delay with trains had me leaving Shrewsbury at 10:30. Pleasant riverside walking led partly across open fields and partly through woods - no stiles but lots of those circular galvanised gates. There was one section of about quarter of a mile through chest high grass, hard going but not wet.

I overtook a party of rambling ladies, chatted to two anglers, and chatted to a guy walking his daughter's border terrrier - he had spent time in the army at Warcop near Kitkby Steven and had memories of yomping with heavy packs over those hills. Those were the only people i came across in ten miles.

I stopped to have a look at the Roman city of Wroxeter which you can see well enough from the road without paying English Heritage £5. The visitor centre was good for a bottle of Oasis. I had two brief showers, so short that donning my watrsrproof was a pointless exercise.

I had identified The Horseshoe here at Uckington before leaving and established I would be able to camp, and here I am. Reviews on the Internet varied from outrageously bad to the total opposite so I'm not sure what I'm in for meal wise, although J J's comrnent on my earlier post was encouraging.

See rny comment on previous post. I have now removed photos in the interest of posting this.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you are on your way again. You didn't mention any aches and pains so hopefully the knee will be OK. The profile looks fairly flat.When you reach Bridgnorth you will be in similar surroundings to my recent Geopark Way. Will be interested to your take on the area.

Roderick Robinson said...

A reason emerges for these casual peregrinations. They provide both an opportunity and a reason for getting to know new bits of software or compo-systems (in this case WordPress). By doing it out-of-doors you imagine you'll escape the charge of being a nerd. Alas, you are unmasked.