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Monday, 29 July 2013

Severn Way

Day 1 (part 1) Monday 29th July

I am on the train again!

Destination: Shrewsbury.

Objective: walking the Severn Way for a none specified distance or time.

Target for tonight: Horsrshoe Inn, Uckington (camping with permission).

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John J said...

I think you might enjoy the beer tonight, the pub has a reputation for decent ales - and food.

Enjoy your trip!


welshpaddler said...

It must be the gypsy in your soul!!

You need to check with your local council for rate relief as you are never home!

Looking forward to regular posts.

Sir Hugh said...

Jj - you were right. I've eaten well and the beer was good. New owners since March so old bad reviews no longer relevant. I've done a post but it wont go without 3G using Blogpress. It seems that including pihotos requires 3G. I may delete the pics and try without.

Welshpaddler - you don't do so badly youself. At least I'm not driving my car round with the exorbitant cost of fuel, and i cancelled the papers.

Keith Lowe said...

Hi Conrad, this Keith, I met you on Thursday, suggested you visit the tea room at Arley.
Enjoying reading your blog, hope its going well, look forward to the next read.
Best wishes Keith