Saturday, 17 August 2013

Severn Way and Monmouth and Brecon Canal slideshow

Here is the slideshow for my recent Severn Way and the Monmouth and Brecon Canal walks.

I said in a post that I may tell the story of the Severn Bridge disaster but it is neatly summarised on a photo of a panel. What struck me about that story was that it happened in 1960, well within my memory span, and I had never heard about it before. What a story - talk about things going from bad to worse.

Click for slideshow, then click on first picture to watch fullscreen


bowlandclimber said...

Just flashed through your slide show. Picture 151 stole the show.
Glad your are back safe and hopefully satisfied.

Sir Hugh said...

BC - With photography I work on the principle that about one in a hundred shots will be interesting purely by fluke. I do cheat a bit by using Photoshop for cropping and some enhancement.

I have a friend who has been a semi professional photographer, and he has his own moral code of not altering his efforts at all, believing that the skill should be in the taking of the shot in the first place. I can't live with that, and am prepared to enlist any help I can get.

The last pic in the slideshow features me, and in the original, I had a lump of something white and unattractive on my lower lip - Photoshop's Clone Stamp was employed to erase it with colour from its surrounding area.