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Friday, 2 August 2013

Severn Way - day 5

Stourport on Severn to Worcester
Friday 2nd August.

Downstream from Stourport the river is seriously navigable so the character changes, with regular
passage of pleasure boats, especially canal narrow boats. Going downstream they are much faster than I walk, whereas on the canals I am usually faster.

Walking has been on good paths today with much variation. The pub at Holt Fleet where I crossed again to the west side was closed, and I was hailed at by the landlord from a balcony on high to tell me so - he seemed quite pleased about it.

The SW diverts from the river for three kilometres wandering through a large camp site come industrial estate. I illegally availed myself of the campsite toilet. At the far end a little café servicing the industrial estate appeared - it was like finding the sixpence in the Christmas pudding - tea x 2 and a muffin, and a cheery youngish proprietor who was impressed with my venture and gave me a banana for later (here we go again Gayle).

Shortly after that the path had been diverted within a huge area of gravel handling, earthmoving and general destruction of the countryside, and I lost my way a little. The GPS showed me right in the middle of an unusually large white space on the OS map, like the cherry on a Bakewell Tart. Fortunately I could see a distant church which was on the SW and crossed the large field to put me back on course.

Another pub turned up south of Bevere Lock (yes they have locks on the river). There were people at tables outside but something seemed not right. I got down the corridor in the pub, everything was tatty and there was a lot of coarse noise from the bar area and I turned and departed, then to find out there was a scruffy caravan and camping site attached. I think that was one of the best decisions I have made for a while.

Worcester was busy but a much more sophisticated place than Stourport. For once the Tourist Info Office was open and did its job. I am booked into The Farriers in the centre of town and hope to go and look at the cathedral before eating. A most enjoyable day.

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welshpaddler said...

Where is day 4? Was that a day drinking strong ale bringing on forgetfulness?

Anonymous said...

I like your parting words "a most enjoyable day" You also seem to be missing the heavy frequent thunder storms we are having.

Sir Hugh said...

Hi Bob - thanks for pointing that out. I have now reconstructed it - see latest post.

BC - overall this is a good walk so far. There was a certain amount of bush whacking earlier but I'm starting to expect that on these country walks, and you can't complain too much. The undergrowth grows back on a daily basis and local authorities just don't have the resources.