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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Severn Way - day 7

Upton-on-Severn to Tewksbury - Sunday 5th August

Today I am a wimp.

From Upton I walked on easy going field paths for an hour. As on every day there was a testing section of more than head high jungle well laced with nettles, and then the rain, and then more flat boring fields with jungle to the left preventing views of the river. After a total of four hours walking, three of which in fairly heavy rain, I arrived Tewksbury and installed my dripping self into a café.

I was aiming for a non-accommodation pub with campsite another eight kilometres away out in the middle of nowhere. Locals told me the rain was forecast to continue heavy for the rest of the day. I felt indecisive and guilty at the thought of packing it in for the day, but I was not relishing pitching the tent in the rain. The Tourist Info. Is always closed on Sunday, and I was not getting enough signal to research on the Internet for accommodation alternatives. I prized myself out of the café and set off  without having made any decision. It was only 12:30. I came across The Bell Inn, entered, bartered them down by £10 on their opening offer for a double beded room and here I am  with a bath in the en-suite that I have taken advantage of. Now, as I look out of the window at 3:15 it has stopped raining, and I am even more overwhelmed with guilt.

I have really got my teeth into this walk and am ambitious to see it through to Bristol, but today's performance is just not good enough.

I have now been walking for seven days and have hardly, at any time, had a decent Vodafone signal despite being in sizeable towns and cities like Stourport and Worcester, and here in the centre of Tewksbury, but I can't even send an email. goodness knows when I will be able to post this write up. I reckon V are getting money under false pretences.


Gayle said...

Given the choice between walking the rest of the day in the rain, or taking a room (with a bath!) after four hours of walking, and without a fixed schedule that needs to be kept, I don't think there's any need to feel guilty about having a short day. And, at least you get to set out with a dry tent tomorrow. Plus (perhaps the best argument towards having a room on a Sunday night) you should be able to watch the Countryfile forercast tonight and see what the weather's throwing at you next week...

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle - thanks for that. I may do that if I can find out how to work the tele - should be a cinch for a technocrat like me?

High Horse said...

It is torrential here Dad! Had it coming in through the window in the front room at one point! Checked forecast for your area and Monday will be rain all day but from Tuesday should see the back of it for rest of the week.

John J said...

I agree with Gayle - you did the right thing and you shouldn't feel guilty. After all, a chap needs a little luxury now and then.
Walk on!

Sir Hugh said...

HH - Thanks. I set off at 7:45 this am and no rain after 1.5 hours and getting brighter. I was all geared up for the worst. Gloucester tonight abw.

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Sir Hugh said...

JJ - thanks for your reassurance. I am writing this 24 hours later, and in retrospect I now think it was a good decision.