Sunday, 15 December 2013

Photoshop paintings

I promised Mike M to put some of my finished Photoshop paintings on display.

Click for the slideshow, then click on the first picture to view all full size.



gimmer said...

a bigger splash - more than I knew of !

only one substantive comment - they all have what I might describe as a colour-washed look - as water colours or pastels can have:
is this a function of the system (ie technical artefact) or an aesthetic decision?
on another topic - your previous post - I am a paid-up devotee of commas, brackets, hyphens and many other stylistic and syntactical traits which are anathema to some purists: I find they are often the best way of representing the immediacy of the spoken word without too much time being spent in delicate composition in achieving this objective . . .
I did pass O-level English Language, by the way, in case you were wondering!
But txtese grates.

mike M said...

Very nice CR. I particularly like the bridge and the barn.It must be painstaking work....the skies are wonderful!...gimmer...with a hard g or soft (as in j?)

gimmer said...

g as in grag (not as in sheep!)

Sir Hugh said...

gimmer - It is possible to enhance richness with Photoshop, but I have gone as far as I want to because other aspects start to suffer as you increase that function. With all these pics I get them printed out to approx 30cm x 25cm on good quality artists paper and they look better than they do on the screen.

There seems to be some misunderstanding about my punctuation comment. I am not only in favour of ALL punctuation marks, writing would be impossible without them, but used incorrectly they can be as damaging as they are rewarding when used properly.

Read: The elements of Style - Strunk and White and The Penguin Guide to Punctuation.

Mike M - Gimmer's response should read "crag", not "grag". Gimmer can be a dialect term for a Lake District sheep, but Gimmer's allusion is to the most iconic rock climbing venue in The Lake District: Gimmer Crag. We were both keen rock climbers in our day.

mike M said...

Thanks for that much needed clarification CR!