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Friday, 7 February 2014

Snowdrops and things

Despite the foul weather I have been clocking up geocaches. One I found a couple of days ago was a small plastic screw top tube three inches by one. I dropped the white screw top in the grass - actually saw it fall. I must have searched for ten minutes, even removing my footwear to see if it was stuck in the mud on the soles. The car was about quarter of a mile away and I resolved to go and get some gaffer tape and then replace the tube later. As I put my gloves back on I found the top inside.

My Thursday walk with Pete featured snowdrops. Each year seems to be special for a particular plant, and this year I reckon it's snowdrops' turn.

We met a farmer emerging from a field where some sort of work had been going on with an area of hardcore parking and a track.

United Utilities bad been inspecting the eight and a half foot diameter water pipe that runs from Haweswater to Manchester and we were told of the waste of resources witnessed with masses of equipment assembled and full twenty four hour security guards when this site, having been prepared was never used for its purpose.

The farmer recalled young locals riding motor bikes inside the pipe back in the Fifties whilst it was under construction.

Today (Friday) I drove to a caravan site near Criccieth on the Leynn peninsula where I am typing this and listening to the rain. The intention is to polish off the eight or possibly nine Marilyns if weather permits, otherwise catch up on some reading.

The farmer and the United Utilities site.

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Location:Rhoslan near Criccieth


mike M said...

Beautiful photo up top.

Blonde Two said...

So many Marilyns - I have hill envy and hope the weather starts to behave itself for you soon!

Roderick Robinson said...

The screw top detail evokes a wry anecdote told by Nick in happier times. His glasses simply disappeared in his bedroom; he virtually dismantled the whole of the room but couldn't find them. And these were expensive titanium-framed glasses. Laughing - how long ago that seems! - he told me he found them in the sleeve of his dressing gown.

Significant you were carrying gaffer tape. Like the head torch you dug out when we ran out of gas at Le Pigeonnier. Someday you must make a list of your contingency items up to but not including nuclear fall-out; I'll make another showing how far I fall short.

Roderick Robinson said...

I'll make it now. Car keys, passport, credit card.

Sir Hugh said...

All - thanks for you comments. As always on these trips internet connection is sporadic so apologies for delays in replying. It is always good to get comments whilst you are out in the wilds.

RR - ...and toilet paper?

The Crow said...

Snowdrops are lovely; nice views. I'm waiting for the winter aconite to peek their yellow buds from under the snow, but as cold as it has been, the aconite might bloom and fade before its cover of snow melts.

Hope your adventures continue to be good ones.

Sir Hugh said...

The Crow - hi. There is a garden in Silverdale a couple of miles from my home which does aconites with gusto, but i haven't seen them yet this year. My walking friend Pete and his wife are fanatical gardeners, so I will consult and try for a photo if the time is right.