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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Day 4 - Tuesady 29th April - Thorlby to Askwith

Another good days walking. The old Roman road from Skipton over to Addingham is special. Had tea in the café attached to The Fleece in Addingham. That pub was one of our late night drinking spots back in the early 60s.

I am on Top Farm Camping and Caravan Club CL at Askwith . It is dump. People friendly enough but no toilet just a water tap. The place is like a scrap yard. They only charged me £3.

All this has now been overshadowed by news from home. Daughter Jill looks like being made redundant and she is going to need support. They are having to be interviewed for their jobs and hers would only be at reduced pay anyway, and redundancy money for her after 4.5 years service would only be 4 weeks pay, and possibly capped at that.

Looks like I may have to abort? Do not have motivation to write more here. Thanks for all your comments.

Also a big thank you for M for picking me and feeding me royally last nigh.

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Anonymous said...

Conrad sorry to hear news of Jill's problems. What is wrong with the education system - they are only focused on money and statistics. Several reports today in the press on similar problems in 'special needs establishments' not reaching the offsted grades and being closed!
Hopefully she will cope - keep going!

mike M said...

Either way will be rewarding.

afootinthehills said...

Really sorry to hear this news Conrad. I hope things work out better than anticipated and, for the moment at least, you feel can continue.

Ruth Livingstone said...

Oh dear. Sorry to hear about your anxiety about your daughter. Hope all turns out OK for her.

Roderick Robinson said...

A lousy situation. There'd be something heroic and stoic if the knee had packed in. Something you could write about, a practice bar for irony, an opportunity to be philosophical. As it is this would be a shadow, a dragging presence. For what it's worth I'd pack it in - the walk is an option not an obligation. The good bits would be tainted, the reverses harder to bear. The expenditure an accusation. Our commiserations to Jill.

gimmer said...

for what it is worth, my pennyworth would be to return and provide necessary support during this immediate period and, as the actual event would not be for quite a while, see if you can go back to where you leave off, having seen that all was under control, that other options were well in hand and mobilised:
as you imply, you could not be in the mood to enjoy or have the motivation to continue the trail if you didn't.
as you said when we spoke, good may indeed come of it - it does in the vast majority of similar situations - a turning point, new paths etc etc. - given the energy and drive Jill manifestly posesses.