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Friday, 6 June 2014

On a lighter note

My regular Thursday walk with Pete took place on Wednesday this week because of the business meeting referred to in my previous post.

Once again we found ourselves walking on a peaceful country lane not far from home that neither of us, despite my now fourteen years in Arnside, had previously trodden. Spring was in full bloom and roadside flowers  at their best. A slight drizzle prevailed throughout, but even so the dull lighting supported some half decent photos.

There were seven geocaches on the route - we only found four. The geocache counter on the sidebar of my blog is now creeping towards 300.

Sorry snail - I chopped your horn off. These modern viewing screens are useless.


Mark said...

This is on my doorstep too, but completely unfamiliar territory! It was only the junction number which helped me fathom out where you'd been.
When I first moved to Silverdale I drew a circle on an old pathfinder map and made it a bit of a mission to walk all of the paths within that radius, but clearly I've never widened the arc. Perhaps I should revisit that strategy?

mike M said...

My grandfather once told me colors are enhanced by the wet and rain. I believe it's true.

Sir Hugh said...

Mark - geocaching is a good way of making new discoveries.


Mike M - d'accord.