Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Replies to comments

Replies to comments.

I can only make replies when I have a good enough signal, but I can post a blog from the iPad even with a poor signal, that is without photos which demand full 3G, so in order to catch up I will reply here.

Gimmer - I do not know what a C21 is and can't get on the Internet at the moment to search. All I can say is that I seem to be managing without one.

Afoot - thanks for the update on the SMC.

Gayle - that café must have been the garden centre one I walked past on the main road. I reckon between us, and especially you and Mick we have laid down a spiders web of walks all over the country. It's hard to devise new routes that don't coincide with old ones.

JJ - well, then I may have been tempted.

The Crow - a more sympathetic and realistic reply than that of my bro.

RR - it's all very well laying down the law like that, but I bet you'd have been off a lot quicker than me.


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