Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Arnside to Bellingham

No, I didn't walk here!

I arrived by car with caravan today (Tuesday).

The intention is to do some of the local Marilyns. I am on the Camping and Caravan Club site where I have full free wifi, but Vodafone is absent for miles around. I had to drive four miles to get a signal - they really are getting money by false pretences.

This is just by way of a test. I have my old laptop and thought I would be able to post from it, but Blogger is no longer supported by anything prior to Explorer 8 and I can't download that because I am still on Windows XP with this laptop and XP  doesn't support Explorer 8, so I'm blogging from the iPad and just want to be certain this goes ok.

Ps. If anybody wants to communicate with me please use email: conrob@me.com


gimmer said...

surely there is a blog for macs ?
would solve all your tech problems and cause apoplexy to boot

Roderick Robinson said...

Listen to the man who - this evening - will be lulled to sleep by the Jobs lullaby.