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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Arnside to Oakham via The Viking Way - slideshow

Here is the slideshow from my walk WITH CAPTIONS. Yes I know there are some typos but it is quite a big job to alter them once the Photoshop files have been saved as jpegs.

The pics are in two sections as was the walk, so there are two separate links.

Click on the first photo to view as a slideshow.

1. Arnside to Wetherby:


2. Wetherby to Oakham:

On the Ermine Street pick ES branches off to the right not left as I said in the caption. Will alter later.


Beryl the Peril said...

Hi Conrad

I've followed your blog for a while now and love seeing where you walk. Just had to comment on the lovely photographs, thoroughly enjoyed them. Its not an area I've been to, but looks very interesting.

Thank you


mikeywalky said...

I believe your unknown crop are opium poppies (grown for medicinal purposes!) - over the last few years they have been seen growing in various fields around us (in North Hampshire).

I liked the 'hairy path' picture - very arty, but not good for the socks...

The Crow said...

Thanks for the pictorial walk-along, Conrad. I have downloaded a few of my favorite pictures; hope you don't mind.

Gayle said...

I enjoyed those! Particularly liked the fly fishermen, the cow sculptures and the 'varied industrial landscape'.

In that parting shot of me, it looks like I'm running! Took me a moment to realise that I was just swinging my bag back onto my back as you took it, hence the arms are in positions which suggest a greater speed than that at which I was really moving.

AlanR said...

Just caught up with my blog reading. Well done sir on your adventure. Stunning photo’s, too many good ones to pick out just one.
Did you change rucksacks ?

Sir Hugh said...

Beryl the Peril (Margaret) ` Welcome to the blog. It's great to get a new commenter. Why that blogonym?

mikeywalkey - unless I am mistaken you have not commented before so welcome to you also. I thought they were poppies and wondered if I should report to the drugs squad.

I spent a good deal of time every evening on that walk picking grass seeds out of my socks.

The Crow - Glad to hear the pics are being put to further use. You are welcome any time.

Gayle - I was pleased with that zoom to the fisherman. The new camera seems to excel with that feature. That other photo served to maintain your expert walker image and now you have blown it a bit with the explanation.

Alan R - thanks for your comment. I'm not sure what you mean about changing rucksacks. The one in the pics is a Golite Jam 35 (L) that I bought specially for the trip. I had to buy it direct from their European outlet in Switzerland - they don't operate through any retailers in the UK. It just accommodates everything with no waste of space after I decided to kick out the cooking gear. It performed very well and I reckon it is as good as you can get. The shoulder straps are a bit stringy.

AlanR said...

Hi Conrad,
In the very first images you are leaving home with a red sack and then in the 2nd set of images its a blue sack. I was just wondering. Not important really.

Sir Hugh said...

Alan R - You are correct. It was in between the two parts of the walk that I decided to ditch cooking gear and go for the smaller, lighter rucksack. The red one is also a Golite (Pinnacle) I think.

Beryl the Peril said...

It was a name given to me by JJ. I forget the explanation, perhaps John will expand on this :-)

Sir Hugh said...

Beryl the Peril - what an honour to be nicknamed by J J!

Mark said...

Like the photos Conrad. I've finished for the summer and am enjoying catching-up. I lived the first five years of my life in Waddington, not that I remember those particular views. Looks like a great walk, given what you've said about the lack of mountains.

Sir Hugh said...

Hi Mark - thanks for the comment. I followed that ridge from Lincoln down to Navenby, and although you are only about 60m above sea level the views are terrific. Happy holidays. I'm setting off with th caravan on Tuesday 22nd July fro Bellingham for 12 days.