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Monday, 28 July 2014

Larriston Fell, 512m., NY 569 921

Northumberland is a driver's dream (don't tell Jeremy Clarkson about it). This morning I set off at 7:00am and drove 29 miles and only saw three other cars all coming from the other direction.

Four kilometres ascending on forestry track took me to a mast at the edge of the forest. The summit was across gently rising ground for another kilometre, but pathless and heather and tussocky grass again, but not as rough as Sighty Crag.

There is an atmosphere of remoteness and peaceful solitude about these Northumbrian hills that is surprisingly more pronounced for me even than Scotland. I do wonder how infrequently some of them are visited.

I must have stayed for half an hour at the trig with a feeling of contentment in the warm sunshine and gentle breeze.

On the ascent I passed a very isolated house about half a kilometre up the forestry track from the road. On the return the lady popped out and said hello and we had quite a chat. She and her husband have lived there for twenty two years originating from Kent. What a contrast, but the length of their residence I hope is a tribute to the quality of life in this, for me, newly discovered county.

Morning sun on the forestry track

The mast after the forest. Larriston Hill on the horizon

A close up sample of the terrain - imagine yourself walking a kilometre or so across it.

Distant Kielder Water from Larriston trig

More cloudberry


REPLIES TO COMMENTS (Google won't let me post them in the normal way)

Gimmer - I don't remember any trials on the Scottish part of LEJOG! Mm?
BC - my dad used to take me beagling (chasing hares with dogs) now much to my shame.

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gimmer said...

tea offerred? the absence of habitation has lowered your daily average, evidently.

Roderick Robinson said...

VR is a displaced Maid of Kent, or perhaps Kentish Maid.

John J said...

Northumberland is a wonderful county that should be kept secret at all costs....otherwise people might start visiting!
Glad you're enjoying it.

gimmer said...

wholly agree with JJ - the name itself resonates and echoes down the centuries - modish Cumbria does not have that gravitas, despite its vanished antiquity, though Cumberland - and Westmorland - did have that ring - until 1974! There's much in a name.