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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Marston to Woolsthorpe


This morning at the Thorold Arms there was no cooked breakfast but what there was made up for it with fruit juice, cereal, toast on homemade wholesome brown bread to die for and marmalade and plenty of tea. I was then able to buy a ham and cheese sandwich for later from the shop which is part of the pub.

I had received an email from Gayle of Mick and Gayle fame,

I originally met them on my LEJOG and we have been friends ever since.

Gayle set off from Long Bennington about five kms. down my route and met me halfway, then accompanied me to within a mile or so of my Woolsthorpe destination; she then had to walk back to her car. I reckon Gayle must have done twenty miles overall - she is a formidable walker, but very kindly adjusted herself to my geriatric pace, and guess what, those who know Gayle - WE NEVER STOPPED TALKING FOR A SECOND THE WHOLE WAY. And more than that she brought me some of her own fruit cake and iced buns. What a star. Thanks Gayle.

Most of the walk today was on tracks which were fine except for a few short exceptions where 4WD vehicles had been allowed forming ruts eighteen inches deep. Fortunately the ground is dry, but in wet conditions they would have been extremely awkward. Many years ago I was a Land Rover club member, but this sort of thing is extreme environmental massacre.

I am now at the Chequers Inn at Woolsthorpe. I have got a bed as big as Centre Court at Wimbledon. The bathroom has a bath but no shower. Two hours after I had arrived and already having taken advantage of the bath a guy knocked on the door and gave me a bath mat; there had been one available anyway. I wonder when he thought a weary, sweat stained backpacker was most likely to use the bathroom facilities.

Sat here eating, having ordered and with a pint of real ale in front of me another guy appeared and asked me if I wanted some tap water - I have never had that question asked before in a pub, you usually have to fight to get it in place of the exorbitantly priced bottled stuff.

When I arrived there was an ex military looking guy sat on a strategically placed corner bar stool. We exchanged a few words. Three hours later I reappeared to eat - he was still there. As I have eaten I have watched him go through four different conversation partners he has attracted, so that's now at least four and a half hours he has been there. I suppose some people may be people-watching me?

I had an expensive starter: scallops with chorizo and barbecue sauce - the taste combinations didn't work for me. . The pork, cider and mushroom pie was much better. I am about to try: Affogato - vanilla ice cream, a shot of Illy espresso and shortbread.

Since writing the above I have changed my mind to blackberry and apple crumble.

Reading this back it seems to be obsessively about food. Time to sign off I think.


P.s. x 2.

I have now found out breakfast isn't served until 8:30 am.

The rubber welts on both my Merrell shoes have parted company with the soles leaving exposed what I suppose is the Gortex lining. They were nearly new when I started this walk and cost around £80.

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1 comment:

Gayle said...

Your pace is faster than you think! The splits for the miles I was with you (in minutes and seconds) were:
35.51 (that was where we stopped on the block of concrete by the farm buildings)