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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Nought out of three

Thursday 31st July.

Callerhues Crag (NY853 865) has been in my sights and aroused my curiosity twice before. First time on my Pennine Way, and again on my LEJOG. From a distance it looks like a good rock climbing venue and research had confirmed that to some extent.

Today I decided to visit and had also established there were two geocaches there. Also the map shows Hareshaw Linn Waterfall as being on the way. On arriving at that point there was no possibility of a waterfall and closer examination of the string of blue writing established that it was half a kilometre away over rough terrain so that was failure number one.

Branching off the Pennine Way I was on rough ground approaching the crag, but worse still the steep slope up to the rocks was covered in head high bracken. The going was almost impossible. The first geocache was supposed to be in a muddy cave but it was almost impossible to traverse along looking and I exited with some difficulty up rocks to the crest. That was failure number two. The going there was only slightly better and it became apparent that the second geocache was located in rocks formidably guarded by more bracken so I gave up on that one and beelined back to the Pennine Way. Failure number three.

I had already visited two cafés in Bellingham, but on the way to this little adventure I had noticed the Carriages Tearoom and called on the way back to sit in one of three old Pullman coaches converted into a café. It had been a bit of a silly walk, but at least closer inspection of the crags had been satisfied. They would provide some interesting one pitch entertainment before the bracken gets going, but I won't be going there again, but that café would be worth a return visit.

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UbleyHalt said...

I've just return from Bavaria absolutely no Bracken there!