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Friday, 25 July 2014

Peel Fell (602 m NY 626 997)

I had half decided to have a rest day after yesterday's biggy. I breakfasted and read my book, but by 9:45 I was restless and not wanting to waste another glorious day. I had chores to do first, getting water container re-filled and washing up, so it was quite a late start.

An hours walk on decent Forestry Commission tracks took me to the edge of the trees, and then I was out onto the open hillside. There was a rudimentary, steep path and I went right to the top without stopping, albeit at a very steady plod.

I had this one to myself and stayed for twenty minutes or so soaking up the solitude and extensive Northumbrian views, drinking coffee with some munchy bars.

The round trip took 2hrs. 35mins. With no hitches - a smart little performance and most enjoyable.

Emerging from the forest - the route went straight up the hillside.

I think these are the same as seen on Holme Fell in The Lakes a few posts back - forgotten the name. The summit cairn can be seen on the horizon.

Cloudberry. This was apparent in small clusters here and there on the summit. Others were still orange, and this red one was an exception.

Typical Northumbrian summit view.


Gimmer - you might have thought differently in that heat.


Bowland climber - that was all from the heart John. Such memories are priceless.


The Crow - ok, but on the whole the Forestry Commission are not a bad lot and always seem to pursue their activities with thou roughness and competency.

AlanR - that old railway wagon has struck a few chords here. My reply to BC applies here also.

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