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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Woolsthorpe to Greetham

Despite the 8:30 breakfast time I walked across to the pub from my room at 7:30. All was locked but I attracted attention of a lady who was there to do breakfasts (no proprietor). I tried to negotiate some consideration for not taking breakfast but the lady had no authority. I paid up in full and departed for the village post office which opens at 7:00 am. Fruit juice, a sandwich and hot coffee got me off to a good start.

The route today was all on a long track which I suspect must be another old Roman road. It has been trashed to utter devastation in parts by 4WDs making for awkward walking.

At one point I met council workmen who were erecting concrete blocks to stop the invaders entering from the public road. Apparently any motorised transport is prohibited but they still come.These guys were good fun and we had some chat and I took photos then they took one with me on. They said the blocks should stop the 4WDs, but the motor bikes will still get through.

I had intended to go only as far as Sewstern, but I arrived there're about 1:30 pm and the pub did not do accommodation, so decided to press on another six miles to Greetham.

I found The Black Horse and a room . They had a young Alsation/ Great Dane cross dog which was quite boisterous and only marginally under control,

Later as I came down the stairs to eat, the dog was lying on the larger corner step on the turn of the staircase and he went for me and hit both of my shins, then the landlord appeared and called the dog off. As I walked into the bar it was apparent my leg was bleeding through my trousers. Everybody was concerned. It had only been a nip, and I didn't feel inclined to make a fuss, but I hope that dog is kept under control in future - I hope I don't develop tetanus tomorrow.

I chatted with an entertaining couple (both four times married) and with four, or was it five Yorkshire terriers? He was ex Royal Navy with many anecdotes, and she the accounts lady for an on-line trading company which was of interest in view of daughter Jill (High Horse) launching into a similar field with The Nutty Duck. I got the feeling that this couple had at last found their respective soulmates.

Tomorrow I will walk out to Oakham and return home. I am still motivated to continue, but the cost of accommodation I am accumulating, having fallen out with the tent to some extent, is beginning to concern me, and the knees are struggling. I would rather give them a rest and go for something else later rather than grinding them into total destruction by prolonging this trip. When I reach Oakham I will have completed the first stage by completing the Viking Way, of what was a very ambitious plan devised a few months ago. Maybe I will return and start again, or miss out the middle bit and do the final leg later in the year ( for botanical reasons).

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High Horse said...

Well done Dad! Another adventure bagged! Looking forward to seeing you home xx

gimmer said...

the body does need a proper rest every now and again, even yours: so if you don't or can't take rest days (not just nights) then this course is the best.
and, in any case, looking at the map of England, it is a long way by any measure - I count Rutland as being on the edge of the South - it is nearly level with Peterborough which is almost in London - whilst Wetherby is quite definitely North!

Sir Hugh said...

HH and Gimmer - Thanks for your comments.