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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Another HAT story

THE HAT has featured here before, see:  THE HAT. The history of that cherished item was interwoven with tales of Pete.

Earlier this year I left THE HAT in a pub at Bentham and it was eventually returned by post. That is another long story, see: THE HAT LOST . The day after losing THE HAT I bought a replacement in Settle.

When I collected Pete for our Thursday walk this week, to add to his rheumatic problems, I found he had brought the car boot lid down on his head and virtually scalped himself, yes, we've all done it haven't we?

Considering the hot sunny day Pete's head needed some protection, and by chance I had the Settle replacement hat in the car so it has now been donated to Pete and I think it suits him well.

THE HAT continues to do good service, but it is getting a bit ragged and daylight can be seen at intervals through the stitching attaching the circular top panel to the body, so I'm not sure how much longer it's going to last.

We had a pleasant geocaching trip around the lanes of Borwick finding only four out of seven but I have long since quelled anxiety about not finding caches, especially when the originators use "left" and "right" instead of compass points in their clues as well as other unsatisfactory or undecipherable hints. It is like doing a bad crossword puzzle - not worth wasting time on.

For my overseas readers.
 A bit of classic dry stone walling. Comes in many variations all over the UK depending on the local stone; that's given me an idea, I may start a collection of pics?

We are now more fortunate in how we draw our domestic water

Pete with the newly acquired hat - ever the optimist

How many times have I snapped Ingleborough? But I can never resist

Hedge bindweed, I think?

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