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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

From home

Sorry folks. After yesterday's post I realised I hadn't referred to the original symptom of my ailment which was constipation.  When my son W. heard sbout this he wanted to bring me the guaranteed solution in the form of a kebab from a place he knows of in Morecambe.

The medics were baffled - nothing showed up on an x-ray, but then appendicitis did on a ct. scan, much to everybody's surprise. And, dare I say, the main thrust of the original problem is now solved,and I am back at home, but virtually immobile, just enough to keep myself fed: I am heeding seriously all the advice to take things easy. 


gimmer said...

that's quick
it used to take weeks
looking forward to the day when your blog can resume its proper 'taxonome' !

Anonymous said...

That is scary - keep clear of kebabs from some place in Morecambe especially if your son is involved in their purchase. Glad you have survived.

Roderick Robinson said...

Liked the (un-selfconscious?) juxtapositioning of "thrust" with the mention of your symptom. A good one for today but alas you missed a trick and shot your bolt too early.

Mark said...

Sorry to hear that you have been ill Conrad, but glad to know that you are at home and recovering. I hope that your convalescence is speedy and straightforward.