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Saturday, 28 March 2015

From hospital

I am in hospital. Had surprise appendectomy last night after stomach pains starting last Monday - difficult diagnosis.

Feel a bit rough for the moment, 9:49 -am so updates later

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John J said...

What bad luck - or good luck, depending on how you look at it.
Which hospital?
Hope you're up and about soon.
Very best wishes,

John J said...
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gimmer said...

better out than in, in the circumstances
trust you recover quickly and well

The Crow said...

Wishing you well, Conrad. A speedy recovery with no complications! Rest and take it easy.

bowlandclimber said...

That's a shock!
You seem to be keeping the health service busy in your area.
Hope you are feeling a lot better by now. Best wishes.
Which hospital are you in?

Sir Hugh said...

All - thanks. Not up to longer replies at the mo, bu a post idea may be explored.

Gayle said...

Enough now Conrad! With the hole-in-leg, celulitis and now the appendix, that's three things, so you must have hit your bad luck quota for the year!

Seriously though, I do hope you're soon feeling much better and have a smooth recovery.