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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Day 1. Arnside to Richmond

Tuesday 21st April

The car started. Arrived Longtons Caravans 9:00 am. Simple cleaning of some contacts that I reckoned I had already done but apparently not well enough.

I was away from Longtons by 9:25. I am booked on at Brora (North East Scotland coast) from tomorrow (Wednesday) for ten nights. My brother who has Altzheimers is in a care home at Richmond so I intend to visit and then if I have time go and climb Burnhope Seat a fairly nearby Marilyn. I have just arrived at Hargill House Caravan Club site near Richmond. More later.


I visited my brother. That was a sad and emotional three quarters of an hour.


It was over an hour's drive to the start (NY 775 371) for Burnhope Seat past Barnard Castle and Middleton in Teesdale and out onto one of the best driving roads in the country - sweeping bends mostly with clear views, and much favoured by motor cyclists. There was only the occasional car and I was able to fantasise imagining myself as Stirling Moss with his greatest achievement of being the only non Italian to win the Mille Miglia, a thousand mile road race round Italy.

It was turned 4:00 pm when I set off on the one kilometre steady climb onto the plateau and the unmarked highest point which is a few hundred yards away from the trig point. The extent of visible moorland in all directions was impressive. I went on to visit the trig and the round trip took an hour and twenty minutes.

On the way back I filled up at a vintage dales garage with the only access to the pump on the wrong side for my filler. I just managed to get the tip of the hose into my filling hole and then ended up spilling some diesel up my arm and on my shirt sleeve. I was able to wash this off in the garage, but I reckon my walking shirt will stink of the stuff for the rest of the trip, and even if not I will imagine it does - I may use the washing machine on the site at Brora.

Burnhope Seat trig and Burnhope Reservoir in the distance.


afootinthehills said...

Hello Conrad. Diesel spill aside, I suspect your glass is now well on the way to being full if not overflowing. I'm looking forward to hearing about your exploits.

John J said...

Good to see that you managed to get underway eventually. Diesel is a devil of a smell to get rid of, at least with you being in the 'van you'll probably be carrying more spare clothing than if you were on a backpack.
I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures!

John J said...
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Sir Hugh said...

Afoot - it's good to be back in Scotland.

JJ -yes I have enough clothing do no problem.. Done a little one today.. I' in Poppy's Coffee shop at the moment - free wi fi - that seems to be catching on now in the more remote places.

Sir Hugh said...

I'm just concentrating on getting all the tech. to work so sorry for typos - will try harder.