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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Day 2. Richmond to Brora

I had a leisurely breakfast thinking I was under no pressure having already crossed to the east. I was away up the A1M at 9:00.

Wow! It is an awful long way. Ok I had a couple of stops but distance from Richmond was 374 miles and I didn't arrive until 5:45. Fuel is always a problem in Scotland, you can find yourself many miles from a source. Most opportunities require a detour on the old road through a small village - there are no petrol stations on the side of the A9. Within an hour of Brora I was panicking wanting to fill up in case Brora turned out to be dry. I did find fuel and then saw that Brora has two stations located in the Main Street.

The A9 is a fast road but since I was last there they have installed repeating average speed cameras along most of this road. It is frustrating and demanding on concentration judging whether you remain within the 60mph limit.

There is no Caravan Club wi fi on the site but the warden told me that, mysteriously one can get free wi fi in the Co-op car park in Brora, so I am intrigued to know if this is true. Unless I have wi fi I can't include photos with my posts.

Thursday morning. In the Coop car park. Wi fi shows up as connected but then I still can't get on the Internet. I had a couple of photos including a plumbing anecdote. I will now try to send this text only post, but I only have two bars Vodafone signal.

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