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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Day 4. Friday 24 April

Beinn Lunndaidh NC 791 020

Ascent straight from the car park in Golspie, past the church and under the railway to climb Ben Bhraggie first. Then along the ridge to my Marilyn summit. Descent south west to Loch Lunndaidh and back on path to Golspie.

This was a seven mile round. A well established path took me to Ben Bhraggie where the massive monument to the Duke of Sutherland mentioned in my post yesterday stands. I reckon this is nearly as big as Nelson's Column.

A track along the ridge took me another kilometre with a short shower, and then it was pathless heather bashing to my Marilyn, but fairly short and not too hard going. A fine sighting of deer a kilometre away silhouetted on a ridge was a little bonus.

Coffee and munchies were taken on the summit - weather was fine and views extensive. It was a rough steep descent to get to the path along Loch Lunndaidh involving climbing of two deer fences. These are about ten feet high but every so often there is a larger support post sticking up above the top fence wire and the fence is made up of eight inch wire squares, so it is fairly easy, a bit like climbing a pot holing ladder.

Back in Golspie I visited the Poppy Café again for my jam scone and tea. An enjoyable day over mixed terrain and changing views.

Photos to follow, I hope.

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1 comment:

Gayle said...

Climbing deer fences as well as walking 12 miles (Sunday's walk): you must be pretty well recovered!

I do hate deer fences, although perhaps mainly because I usually encounter them whilst wearing a full pack. They usually induce much swearing.