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Monday, 27 April 2015

Day 6. Sunday 26th April

Carn Garbh - NC 893 138

Started from A9 Kintradwell NC 923 075. North west up track which extends beyond that shown on the OS 1:50000 in deteriorating condition all the way to my summit.

The access road was only five minutes from my caravan by car. A factor of concern was that this was the drive to a large private house, progressing beyond that as a track up into the hills. I walked up the drive with some trepidation. It was only 8:45 am. At the rear of the house I knocked and spoke to a young lady, and my guess is that the house is probably a holiday let, but I was thanked for asking and she thought it was ok but suggested I asked again at the gamekeeper's house another fifty yards up the drive. Curtains were drawn, dogs started barking but nobody stirred so I pressed on in bright sunshine but with decidedly chilly temperature.

The map shows the driveable Land Rover track ending after two and a half kilometres, but I was heartened to see it extending right up to the skyline. This is typical of estate development in Scotland where many tracks have been extended for the benefit of those in pursuit of game. Should I have been heartened? Well we've all go to live.

After another kilometre the state of the track just became a couple of rough on and off ruts, engineered with planks to cross the worst of the peat hags. Even though the this track went right to my summit it was no pushover of a walk - it was pretty tough going. The summit is a flat plateau with no identifiable highest point. The skies darkened and it started snowing quite heavily, and that persisted for the whole of the descent.

The snow deepened quickly and the track was often covered and visibility was only about fifty yards? I lost the track a couple of times.

Back at the gamekeeper's house I met the man and his wife and had a pleasant chat.

That was a tough twelve mile round trip to a remote summit. It took me two and three quarter hours to the summit which is longer than many Munros.

Bright sunshine on the ascent belying the rapidly changed conditions on the descent.

Long zoom to? Could it be Ben Klibrek?

Carn Garbh "summit"

On the descent - it got much deeper than this and less visibility, but I was more intent on survival than taking more photos.

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