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Monday, 27 April 2015

Plumbing again

The Caravan Club are renowned for their high standards and sites are run on almost military lines. One welcome feature is the heated toilet blocks which usually incorporate private cubicles - I think some people come away just for the sake of using them. That seems strange because typical CC members arrive with forty thousand pound 4 X 4s towing caravans that will have cost twenty thousand pounds upwards, and one assumes they will have more than adequate en-suite facilities at home. These observations are based on the length of time these people spend in the cubicles - what on earth are they doing in there? Ok, if I can go in, use the w.c., use the cubicle to wash, brush teeth and have a shave and an occupant who was already incumbent before I arrived is still in there when I depart I rest my case.

Avid readers will remember my little plumbing rant a few posts back. My nerdish interest in such things lead me to notice almost the same set up in my present CC site heated toilet block, and I have to say I was a bit disappointed:

Whilst I admire the technical skill employed with all neat and tidy and fixed back against the wall some of the copper pipe has been painted white and some hasn't, and to uphold the high standards of the CC all the copper should have been left natural and brightly polished along with the brass fittings.

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Gayle said...

And I thought it was just me who likes to (quite literally) inspect the plumbing!

I'm a big fan of Caravan Club sites, but do wish that, if they must use temperature control valves on the pipework to the hot taps, they would make sure they are set to appropriate temperatures. I've had incidents of lobster red hands in the toilets, yet been unable to get more than luke-warm water in the laundry.

As for what people do in those cubicles, I have no idea (in fact, I'm not sure I've ever witnessed anyone, other than myself, use one in the ladies') but I cannot believe how long some people spend in the shower!

Anonymous said...

I refuse to comment on your private plumbing/toilet arrangements.
Last week it was 20 plus degrees in Scotland and now there is snow!
I'm off to sunny Norfolk.

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle - welcome to the club. A long time ag I installed central heating myself. I opened an account with a plumbers merchant, and to start with came up against the archetypal, laddish counter assistants. They always asked to see my hands and bit by bit as my hands became more and mor ingrained with flux and bits of steel wool I gained little by little more respect. I have taken notice of other people's plumbing ever since.

Trawling the Internet and other people's blogs is not easy here. I hope to catch up soon with the rest of your SUW (note the abbreviation)..
Bowl And climber - what are you doing in Norfolk? That is territory that I feel a bit possessive shout. Glad to hear you are back from the Silk Rosd safely..

Carmelo said...

Can you believe that the Caravan Club has installed heated toilet blocks? Wasn't camping supposed to be roughing it? It certainly was in my day, but maybe modern campers are getting soft. Not that there’s anything wrong with heated toilets, but when people are waiting in line to use them, while other facilities are available, that's just not real camping!

Carmelo @ PRO Hot Water Service

Sir Hugh said...

CARMELO - You may be interested to know that the Caravan Club doesn't even allow tent camping on most of its sites. They run their organisation on almost military lines, and often with a kind of high handedness which appeals to many of their snobby customers, and this has lead to their rivals, The Caravan AND CAMPING Club to advertise themselves as "The friendly club".

You will also be pleased to hear that in my later years I have employed a proper plumber instead of trying to persuade copper pipes to go in certain directions myself.