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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Boston to Ship Inn, Surfleet

Day 2 Wednesday 20th May

By the way I notice from a comment I have not said what I am about: The Macmillan Way, 290 miles, Boston, Lincolnshire to Abbotsbury ( Chesil Beach, South Coast).

Boston at rush hour in the morning was hard to bear, but I was soon out onto the levee of the River Witham at first with industrial infrastructure on the other side but quickly becoming more countryfide. This is a huge river but apparently unused by boats - I saw none. Birds and bird calls were prolific and all delight. Egrets, swans, various geese, lapwing, oyster catcher, cormorant and others and a feeling of ever increasing isolation - my only human encounters over about fourteen miles: two bird watchers and some guys working off the route who had a Labrador that tried to follow me for while.

A sign indicated a branch from the levee to follow the Witham for three kilometres to its meeting with The Wash - amusingly the sign warned the unwary that it was another three kilometres for the return. The views over an immense expanse of salt marsh, even to the north Norfolk coast seventeen miles away were impressive. I didn't opt for the diversion..

I had booked a room at The Riverside Hotel some days ago from home by phone. I arrived at 4:00 pm to find they don't open until 5:30 which I was not told when I booked. The place was a dump. An Australian couple arrived in a hire car booked in by Internet and they were similarly annoyed. Their booking confirmation mentioned the opening time, and of more concern to me that "The single room contained the noisy boiler, and one may wish to go for a double at more cost". I had already walked past the attractive looking Ship Inn a mile and a half back. I phoned them, booked a room and walked back there where I am now sat awaiting a meal. I have a massive room with a double and single bed and everything here is proper and comfort.

R. Witham. Still industrial, just out of Boston

Into the country

The salt marshes. Boring to photograph but impressive to see and important for wildlife

The Riverside Hotel where I DID NOT STAY

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Anonymous said...

Good to see you are on your way. All I know of Boston is endless traffic jams as you try to circumnavigate the centre. Never mind, the best is yet to come! I'm just getting ready for a day of walking on the Wales Coast Path...

Sir Hugh said...

Hi Ruth. Boston seems a long way off now after the miles of isolation yesterday following the Weaver and huge expanses of salt marsh out into the Wash. I think you are in one of best parts of the Welsh coast.