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Monday, 1 June 2015

Photos from Stow to Fossebridge

Just a nice little pad. The Old Mill House

Lower Slaughter. A coach had stopped to let the Japanese and others take photos

Just what you want to meet? They were full of good cheer

This house went on as much behind, AND they were having an extension built!

Th Inn at Fossebridge where I stayed last night

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gimmer said...

that inn is quite famous with we travellers up and down the Fosse Way - the aim is to go down and up the other side without talking one's foot off the pedal - through the dip and curve in the otherwise dead straight Roman Road: I've often passed that way when visiting clients in the sort of houses you highlight - but never at a time appropriate for a look-in.
You must have sympathy with the extension builders though - they are probably not allowed to alter the structure to get the space for the essential gym, pool, cinema, games room, office, massage parlour and guest suites - or to rip up the walls for the cabling for entertainment, communications and security systems. Keeps many of us in business - think of the applicators that have glided over those marble (and limestone) halls!

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer - yes, I experienced some of those would be record breakers on the short fifty yards I walked on that road.j