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Friday, 31 July 2015

Circuit of Lancaster

Thursday walks with Pete are becoming ever more difficult to plot without repetition. We have covered most permutations of circular walks combining footpaths and minor roads within a large radius from Arnside. Until a few months ago all these routes still appeared on Memory Map on my computer so that I could see where we had previously been. All those disappeared when I experienced problems and  had to uninstall and reinstall loosing all the overlays, so I am now relying on my memory. It may be that the software problem arose from "overload of overlays" !

I found this walk on a walking website by chance. Normally I would spurn such a source being sufficiently conceited to opine that I am capable of devising my own routes, but then I realised such information is worth considering because the route went through the middle of the town of Lancaster, but seeking out interest and pedestrian ways which are not obvious just from the map.

The pub shown in photos below is on the opposite bank of the River Lune
 where the caravan and "PH" appear.

The two Petes look towards the area called Snatchems and the Golden Ball pub on the other side of the River Lune. In olden times potential sailors were press-ganged from that pub and its locality hence the name Snatchems

An interesting chunk of flotsam - quite a posh looking toy car

A zoom to the Golden Ball. A guy on a jet ski boat can be seen in front of the pub racing up and down at speed - each to his own, but I reckon after ten minutes I would be bored stiff, but I don't suppose he would think much of walking

Lancaster railway station - a good attempt at mock Tudour (actual 1846)

Lancaster Castle
Founded in the 1090s. This gatehouse is 5th century


Anonymous said...

Had the car been caught out by the tide [as on Southport beach] or had there been a dreadful accident. Any sign of the passengers, ?lego men. Did you not consider salvage.

Sir Hugh said...

BC - the photo was a zoom from about thirty yards - the intervening terrain was bog and I was wearing only Crocs so ventured no further - in the words of Henry Williamson (Dandelion Days), I was a "pauper spirit".