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Friday, 17 July 2015

Walks and modern life

Yesterday was my Thursday walk Pete and also this time with Pete Two We  had another addition to the party with grandaughter Katie who is now 3yrs and 10 months.

Well, I could do with a similar soothing walk at the moment. A few days ago I negotiated a Vodafone update. I received the wrong phone and today that should have been picked up and the correct one delivered. Not having received the customary confirmation email I have spent all morning on the phone to Vodafone. I lost count but reckon I spoke to six different people, had three seperate long phone calls, and been on hold for several periods in excess of 20 minutes (actually timed by my phone) listening to the same pop song over and over, and over and over. As far as I understand there has been a mess up - the order has now been re-established and I will, supposedly, receive notification of the new delivery/pick-up time within the next 48 hours.

I can't help but be annoyed and frustrated at this service, but putting it in context with the wretched existence humans have in underdeveloped countries, and countries with catastrophic political upheaval I shouldn't really be complaining, but the way things are going I reckon we should not be complacent about our privileged way of life.

We walked up the Lancaster Canal from Crooklands picking up two geocaches and failing on two others. Geocaching is great for young children. The round trip was just over four miles. Normally I think children get bored rather than tired, the symptoms being similar, but geocaching provides interest and diversion. Katie walked well until the last quarter mile on the return when I lifted her onto my shoulders - that took two attempts. I don't think it will be long before I could not physically lift her like that having to fully extend my arms holding her above my head - how fast they seem to grow.


Anonymous said...

Good to meet up with you all by chance at the end of the day.

Sir Hugh said...

BC - Sorry - forgot to include that on the post. For other readers BC had phoned me the day before for an invite to walk the Limestone Link (Arnside to Kirkby Lonsdale) but I had to decline. After our Thursday walk, Pete and I went to our local (The Albion) for a regular meet with members of his wife's art group. Who should be there but BC and his two friends having completed the Limestone Link and having dropped a car at Kirkby Lonsdale to get them back to Arnside.

Likewise, BC, it was good to meet up.

gimmer said...

under four and a walk with three grown men unchaperoned - whatever next: soloing CB I suspect: did she order her own drinks at the bar - pint o'heavy, my man, and make it snappy, in a straight glass, I suspect
we have always found Vodafone to be exemplary with upgrades and deliveries - and we are long established customers - >25 yrs if that is possible, so it's not as if they are trying to impress converts. Maybe because we are on business terms.
still having big problems with the image thingys - find it impossible to comment on M&G's tales despite having wonderfully witty and erudite things to say!

Roderick Robinson said...

Maintaining the gloomy, contracting Vodaphone note, you may also look forward to the day when Katie can outwalk you. Let's hope that is postponed until the week after next.

However, Katie has brought with her at least one benefit. In reducing you to a shorter walk she has - in effect - caused you to discard the telescope in favour of the microscope. Forced you to look more intensively at less and less. The result is a more intimate set of photos, exchanging the distant theoretical goal of a cone of concrete for something humbler yet more animate. Thus the aims change - getting there becomes less important than being more attentive.

New, nearer horizons beckon: the way your shoes are laced up, the different sounds they make over different surfaces. It's just possible that your mind may expand without recourse to drugs. Tea included and especially your addict's response to the presence or absence of a tea-cosy.

Sir Hugh said...

gimmer - she is taking after her mum, bossing people around school teacher style. Solo CB is unlikely (at least as you remember it), the big flake fell down involving a fatality.

I also have been with Vodafone perhaps for more than one decade and have found their service much improved over the last couple of years, but everybody has a blip now and again. I am still awaiting their call.


RR - After your last short story that day may be hastened.

You have homed in on this particular post to make a point and I agree with the concept of noting the surroundings as I plod. Many previous posts have included photos supporting that, as well as my researching interesting discoveries on the Internet afterwards, but you are correct in that I do tend to rush along a bit. I keep telling myself I must learn to use the macro feature on my camera