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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Day 3. Canal du Midi

It took me 40 mins. to walk back to the canal from my B&B on a vergeless busy road - glad to be still alive.

Just on the canal there was a rare water point, but I was already carrying four 500cl bottles, so just settled for a drink.

About 1:00 pm a little restaurant appeared and although the initial response was "complete" they let me have a table inside. The set menu had the plat principal including gesiers ( poultry throats I think, but never mind think I just don't like them). They agreed to frazzle some pork for me instead. I had arrived pretty well exhausted with the heat and when they brought my food I had nodded off.

That was the first place in three and a half days when I was able to buy ANYTHING on the canal. Anybody withy a rosy impression of magic little restaurants all along the way would be severely disappointed, as am I up to a point.

The meal totally rejuvenated me and I plodded on in fairly spry geriatric style, but after an hour I was reduced to rests every half an hour.

I eventually docked at Castlaudray and found the very convenient hotel du Canal.

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Phreerunner said...

I wonder whether you are tempted by GR7 when it leaves the canal!?

The map does show a few villages and places of interest, and even the occasional campsite not that far away from the canal.

I hope your knees are taking the punishment you are dishing out to them.

Sir Hugh said...

Phreerunner - not tempted by the GR7. Knees are not good but I'm battling on. Going up stairs in accommodation places is not good which makes me look a bit daft - often wonder if they doubt that I have walked from wherever to there.

AlanR said...

You are doing well Conrad. Just use the long life batteries in those knees.