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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Boston to Barmouth - day 15

Sunday 20th September - Welshpool to Pontrobert

Today's walk was only about ten miles. Daily mileage is dictated by available accommodation on the route. But, I am finding that ten miles is comfortable, and enough in this Welsh hilly countryside. The hummocky scenery makes for steep ups and downs and views are ever changing - it is wonderful walking country. Others may complain at the uphill stuff, but this is what we come to Wales for, isn't it?

Apparently I missed a Marilyn summit yesterday by 100m. I have to admit to that being a bit of a blow.

By coincidence my stay tonight is also in The Royal Oak. Until a few years ago this was a thriving pub providing many meal covers per night through the week until the landlady's partner became terminally I'll and she nursed him and let the business decline. Now she is going out to work at 6:00 am as a carer for the sick and returning at 3:00pm to run the pub, mainly for a handful of local farmers, and often not retiring until after midnight. I was given an excellent chicken dinner and sat chatting with Joyce in front of a big log fire in what is more of a sitting room than a pub. The logs are provided by locals and others seem to be helping to keep this invaluable enterprise going. I have been given a tray of breakfast items including two eggs to boil - there is a kitchen attached to my sleeping quarters. THIS IS THE KIND OF EXPERIENCE AND DISCOVERY THAT PROVIDES A LARGE PART OF THE FULFILMENT FOR ME ON THESE TRIPS. I made some cynical comments on the previous post about my anticipation of this overnight based on the room which is pretty basic, but that has been reflected in the modest price I have just paid. For me this has been the best stop on the trip so far.

Sunday morning Welshpool

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Gayle said...

I've checked the rest of the route and can confirm that there are no more Marilyns lying directly in your path.

As for today, my measurement of the distance along the Macmillan Way from the Royal Oak in Welshpool to the Royal Oak in Pontrobert comes out at 11.97 miles with 2200' of ascent, so assuming you didn't take a variant route, you walked further than you thought!

Tomorrow's route looks good on paper, so I look forward to hearing your on-the-ground view of it.

Anonymous said...

That's the sort of pub I like.

Roderick Robinson said...

It's all so near-ish. As a treat for visitors we sometimes drive them for lunch to that tiny village (with three names) set in in a bowl of the North Wales hills. The Three Brothers stayed the night at The West Arms there and you fell into a small stream. The route is dictated by satnav and is wonderfully varied, ending quite spectacularly on roads that flirt with being called tracks. Welshpool is one of the staging points, an unfashionable town and therefore uncorrupted, much appreciated by visitors from the south-east. Perhaps we could cobble up a route which would take in the missed M.

Anonymous said...

So sad to see a pub struggling to stay open. Sounds like a perfect place for an overnight stay on a walking trek.