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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Boston to Barmouth - day 18

Wednesday 23rd September - Bala to Dolgellau

There was no logistically suitable accommodation between Bala and Dolgellau and following the exact Macmillan route involved 22 miles plus.
I reckoned I could shave that by walking on the road from Bala to Llanuwchllyn then continuing with the proper route.

"Red sky in the morning - shepherd's warning", so I was off to a rosy start at 6:50 am. I had arranged to help myself to juice, cereal etc. in lieu of the full English/Welsh Breakfast.

The road went ok and then I was onto tracks, and not so good paths, and the shepherd delivered with rain about 11:00 am, which continued for the rest of the day.

Eventually I was onto better surfaces and emerged from the wilds into Dolgellau a bit wet and bedraggled. It was 4:50 pm - ten hours of pretty concentrated walking. I had pre-booked at the Royal Sailor. Bad news, "your room is on the third floor", good news, " there is a lift".

I seem to be able to walk forever, but going up and down stairs is becoming almost problematic. I am sat here in the Royal Ship (that's three Royals in a row... In Wales) with my supposedly good leg outstretched putting passing waitresses in peril ( or peryl as they say hereabouts).

I have done a quick route measurement on Memory Map which suggests I have walked about 19.5 miles.

Gayle - you will be amused to hear that my room key is attached to a huge slab of slate. If I go out into the town I would need a wheelbarrow to carry it.

Looks like I've about ten miles to do tomorrow to the finish - I'm giving the knees a pep talk.

White Lion ROYAL Hotel, Bala. Early morning light

Lake Bala, early morning.

A bit later on

I' m all for progress but how can you improve on this Victorian post box?

Cader Idris ?

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Gayle said...

My measurement from the White Lion in Bala to the square in Dolgellau, taking the B road down the SE side of Lake Bala, followed by the Macmillan route the rest of the way, is coming out at 20.4 miles with 2300' of up. It would be a bit less if the shortcut at Pont Rhyd-y-Gwair was taken. Either way, still a long day. Tomorrow should be a breeze by comparison, along the Mawddach Trail.

I suppose that if your eating establishment ran out of plates, then you could always whip out your room keyfob as a substitute!

Anonymous said...

Wow - a great distance. Well done.