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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Boston to Barmouth - day 2

Sunday 6th September 2015

Y-Not Guest House lived up to expectations again . She has one adverse comment on Trip Advisor and when Margaret told me the story it was so obvious that it was malicious, and stemmed from a company booking with which she had experienced unpaid invoice problems.

Walking has been in quite hot sunshine all day with interesting and varied terrain. Footpaths have been proper ancient, well maintained walkways between villages rather than cropfield treks. There has been some well cropped levée stuff, and minor roads have been quiet - all in all an enjoyable 16 miles walking.

I called at Wigtoft church (refreshments in aid of Macmillan). Nobody seemed to have heard of the Macmillan Cross Britain Way, and when I explained there was little comprehension - they all seemed to be in their own tiny bubble, but pleasant with it. A mug of tea and a generous slice of cake was £1.50, and when I offered considerably more in aid of the charity they seemed bewildered, but in fairness cut another slice of cake and put it on my plate.

I asked a guy if he would take a photo for me, and he looked at me as if I'd asked him to recite the periodic table backwards, but slowly grasped the idea and obliged.

Browntoft B&B at Donnington is well appointed and good value. I would recommend it to anyone.

In The Black Bull I ate in the bar and chatted with locals - strange accent hereabouts I'm not familiar with. There was an ex-army regular who was telling his partner how the first thing he would do on pay day was to pay off various debts, but his financial position didn't seem to be affecting his consumption of ale. He had been everywhere carrying 60lb rucksacks in all extremes of temperature and had been buddies with RSM, and could better, with a loud voice, any anecdote anybody else had recited.

Boston Stump (again)

Late harvesting with the gulls

Worshipping tea at Wigtoft church

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Gayle said...

All sounding good so far, and it looks like you're in for a week of dry, warm weather.

I've been looking at the route again tonight and, once you're done, will be particularly interested to hear your retrospective verdict on this one.

AlanR said...

Should be ok with the weather for this week at least. Have fun and stop winding up those hoodies.
The wonderful photo of the tractor is a Caterpillar Challenger MT765B tracked tractor. Fantastic piece of kit. 8.8litres 320hp 6 cylinder. I wouldn’t mind having a go in one of them.

coastalwalker said...

Good to see you out walking again :)

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle's - I think our opinions may differ even though you haven't walked this one - Tarmac?


AlanR - thanks for naming tthe tractor. The seagulls still follow as they did with the horse and plough


Coastal walker - good to hear from you in between your own forays.

AlanR said...

And with Eric Cantona of course.