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Monday, 14 September 2015

Boston to Barmouth - day 8

Sunday 13th. September - Barton- under-Needwood to near Rugely.
And Monday 14th September - near Rugeley to Crateford.

I am typing this after a meal in a pub near Wolverhampton with Mick and Gayle. It is now Monday and I am one post behind. M and G have been generous and helpful in so many ways. We had another splendid meal last night after I had been picked up and whisked back for a second night, and Gayle helped me with the editing of some written stuff for my daughter, High Horse. You want to see G typing.

On Sunday Gayle escorted me for the first two miles on a glorious sunny morning. Later I saw the huge old building of Hoar House which is now a spa - there must have been a couple of hundred cars on the car park. I stopped at the pub in Abbots Bromley for orange and lemonade.

Today M and G had to attend to a property not far from my finish, and where they are staying over with motorhome Colin. I was offered a pick up and sleepover at the property and the same tomorrow. I can't thank them enough.

Today's walk took me over Cannock Chase and all was full of charm with the blooming heather despite gloomy, drizzly conditions.

These two posts are brief due to lack of time. There are photos which I will do later. Now I must sleep.

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Gayle said...

I'm not sure that Hoar Cross Hall would see the funny side in being referred to as 'Hoar House' (particularly when said out loud!) but I think it's the name for the place that Mick and I will now adopt!

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle - If the interpretation is taken it is the biggest one in the UK.