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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Cross Britain Way - day 2 (on walk)

Donington to Folkingham - Monday 7th September

Observant followers may have noticed from the last few posts that The Hat has been retired - that was not an easy decision, but it had been washed and saturated so many times it had shrunk and no longer fits my head. The replacement was bought in Settle last year when I had left my old friend behind the night before (later returned to me).

Good varied walking through small villages and country paths today, but quite a lot of Tarmac. I can see me referring to the black stuff frequently, but it has mostly been on very quiet country lanes - grass growing in the middle - but this is is something I have no objection to. I know others do. Levées (here I go again RR) were also a feature but nearly all footpaths have been serviced and walking was pleasant except for traversing a couple of pathless ploughed fields, fortunately not soggy. Terrain is now undulating.

I was resigned to camping at Folkingham and had asked several people about the pub and been assured that it was seven days a week for meals. I walked up there from the campsite and "no meals on Monday". I am not carrying cooking equipment. The village shop produced a most excellent slice of chicken and ham pie from the local butcher - hunks of succulent chicken and ham and stout crumbly pastry, the anti climax being a pack of Penguins. All this eaten in the tourist info. room at the campsite in somewhat depressing isolation. Well I knew this may happen and it's all part of the adventure.

Departing Browntoft guest house

No wheelie bins with this council

One of many churches. There was one place from where you could see six

At last, somewhere to sit - n.b. Blue sit mat on corner stone

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Roderick Robinson said...

I've been neglecting you but I've had other fish to fry, on blog and off it. Something of a change of tack.

A great improvement in structure, away from repetitive and monotonous: uphill to X, three miles to Y, weather changeable, mind (in effect) blank. Final pic caption takes advantage of the caption format - which is to add to pic, rather than duplicate what's on it.

Try and ditch phrases like "observant followers", they know who they are. A bit like saying so-and-so is well-known. If the person is well-known it irritates those who are aware of the fact, whereas saying so to those who are ignorant won't make said person famous.

I liked "resigned to camping" which says, without expressing it directly, that there are aspects of walking that are not unalloyed pleasure. Also juxtaposing what people had said about pub meals followed by the fact you had no cooking eqpt - without whingeing yourself. The simple juxtaposition makes readers whinge on your behalf.

I know this development (in style) is not new, you've done it before. I just didn't mention it. As a variant try telling the story of the day backwards, from lying on your bed in the B&B.

Good work and progress. B+.

Sir Hugh said...

RR - Thanks. A rare compliment.