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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The apple of my eye, but not the Apple of my eye

It has happened many times before. I spend ages psyching myself to purchase an unjustifiable, expensive item, and having finally decided to go for it, I optimistically visit the retailer expecting them to be grateful for my decision to part with my mountain of cash to their advantage, and for me to have pleasure and good service in realising the real item, as opposed to its virtual manifestation nurtured and agonised over during the lead up to this event.

Yesterday, with daughter (High Horse) and granddaughter Katie and HH's friend Zoe, we made the one and a half hour trip to Trafford Park in Manchester, ostensibly to treat Katie for her fourth birthday by visiting Legoland and Sea Life.

But, I had an additional mission planned to the Apple store: the purchase of a new iPhone 64gb 6s Plus (see what I mean by "unjustifiable" and "expensive").

Legoland went well. I then suffered watching the others tuck into what looked like good grub at Wagamama whilst I settled for green tea, (I am following the Fast Diet involving two days per week with only 600 calories - I have lost over 10lbs in the last three weeks). So, when it was time for my own highlight at the Apple store I was already flagging a little, but buoyed by anticipation.

We were greeted by a surly assistant who promptly told me they didn’t have my specified phone in stock. He said that they receive daily supplies and they may have the item tomorrow. Well, there is no way I could have faced another round trip the next day.

On-line with Apple a direct purchase stated 1 to 2 weeks delivery. If they can deliver daily to the Trafford Centre why can’t they give a one day delivery to genuine customers who have committed themselves to the purchase and therefore more deserving of good service than theoretical unidentified customers who just wander into the store?

After that I endured some trailing-on-behind round a couple of female clothing shops, and then we were off to Sea Life which was a little disappointing.

Despite my own let down it was sheer pleasure watching Katie at full tilt all day - she enjoyed every single moment. That was all hugely worthwhile.

Back home I had no alternative but to place my Apple order on-line, but with little pleasure feeling disillusioned at what should have been a pleasurable experience being turned into yet another retail frustration. I do favour Apple products but I have never been starry-eyed about the brand - they are as susceptible to poor service as most others. 
Katie's first solo driving experience

Karaoke - the song was Nine to Five, but K was doing her own thing

K masters chop-sticks for the first time (she's"very advanced")


AlanR said...

Never had any poor service from Apple. In fact i can say they have been more than helpful on many occasions. I sometimes struggle with their business strategy but thats a different story. Just downloaded the new El Capitan and so far so good.

Gayle said...

Whilst undeniable expensive, it surely isn't unjustifiable? If you can afford it, will make good use of it and will enjoy owning it then is that not sufficient justification for the purchase? Plus, it's not like you buy a new state-of-the-art phone everytime five minutes, which is further justification for an occasional splurge.

Some lovely snaps of Katie enjoying her day there. At least witnessing that enjoyment offset the Apple Store disappointment.

Gayle said...

Ooops. Bit of a typo there - my fingers going faster than my brain! For 'everytime five minutes' read 'every five minutes'.

gimmer said...

i detect early-adopters hump - you can tell from the Apple results that you are not the only one wanting this latest wonder -
wait a few more weeks and the rush will be over: interesting that the only surly Apple Store employee in the world is in Manchester - i should have thought Leeds, Bradford or Sheffield would be the more likely haunt!
One cannot but comment that Katie seems to have the so-called adult world fully sussed and under her shrewd and knowing control.
PM material.

Anonymous said...

Still sweating at the thought of The Trafford Centre - I'm sure you remember Tony's comment.
Think there is an Apple centre in Preston if you need subsequent backup.
Impressed with your self control and weight loss.
Regards John.
PS Having difficulty proving 'blogger' I'm not a robot.

Sir Hugh said...

ALAN R - a year ago I bought a storage booster battery for the iPhone at Apple Trafford Centre - cost about £50. When I got home, despite having told the assistant what I wanted it for, it specifically said it was not suitable for iPhones. When I phoned they agreed they would refund if I took it back to the shop - that is an hour and a half drive for me EACH WAY. They flatly refused to receive the item by post and it still lingers, unused on my shelf today.

GAYLE - You are a star. Just the words I wanted to hear.


GIMMER - Yes, it's like going to The Lakes on a bank holiday - to be well avoided. I know the Yorkshire brusqueness thing is a bit of a cliché but your comment amused me. Brother R who quit the West Riding as fast as he could at an early age tells of friends in the South who visited in Yorkshire. In a pub the raconteur ordered drinks for his party and asked the bar maid if she would have a drink - the reply, "What for!"


BOWLANDCLIMBER - I've been three times within the last twelve months. This time it was worth it for seeing K's enjoyment.
TO YOU AND OTHERS HAVING PROBS WITH THE ROBOT - I have found that if you interrupt it whilst it's whizzing round and go to publish your comment the comment invariably "goes". One possible reason for problems may be for those who blog on Wordpress and don't have a Google account - that is just speculation.

afootinthehills said...

Late to the party, as Mr Sloman would say, but I'm with Gayle. I annually toy with the idea of buying an iPhone (here we go again, says Lynne) but in my case I find it difficult to justify given that I only use my BlackBerry for the odd email and mobile blogging. On the other hand, why at my age should I try to justify anything? I'll be interested to hear your views on the new phone when it finally arrives Conrad. Enjoy it and your weekend in the Dales.

Sir Hugh said...

AFOOT - Thanks for the comment Gibson. On my long walks this year and last year I had OS 1:50,000 Memory Map on my iPad mini AND on my old iPhone 3. I found the iPhone was a bit too small on screen and I generally ended up with the iPad in a waterproof case with a strap round my neck. It was small enough to go into my large shirt map pocket but even so a bit cumbersome, and also at risk of damage when climbing stiles etc. The GPS on the iPhone has also stopped working, and other items are not being supported. Memory Map had a special offer reducing OS 1:25,000 from £300 to £150 so I have bought that and it is now on the iPad mini and it will also go onto the new iPhone which I think will prove to be my main map source when walking with its larger screen, leaving the iPad mini more safely carried in my rucksack. So, there are more powerful reasons for the purchase.

afootinthehills said...

Thanks Conrad " You are a star. Just the words I wanted to hear."