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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Caw (Outlying Fells)

Caw             SD 230 944
Pikes            SD 237 947
Green Pike   SD 236 950

It should be remembered that I recently cancelled pending replacement knee surgery because I am walking satisfactorily at the moment, therefore, at my age, it is better to take advantage of that as long as I can and only submit when it becomes absolutely necessary.
Sunday 5th March

Bowland Climber has  just transferred to my car, at my house to set off for this next of our Wainwright's Outlying Fells campaign. BC remarks on the glorious blue-sky-sunshine, then says,

"Well just think Conrad. You could now be coming round from the op, with me visiting,  leaving you with the latest outdoor magazine, and a bunch of grapes, and me off up to the hills to enjoy this wonderful weather".

I laugh, but at the same time recognise that this sums up and justifies the reasoning of my decision.


I have been looking forward to this ascent, Caw is a favourite climbed many times before, but I have thankfully not done the two outliers giving a good excuse for another visit.

The ascent was enhanced with patches of hard snow on fairly steep slopes needing a bit of step kicking. There were people on the summit and they pointed out a geocache which I was able to tick off (I think I have been in denial about being a list ticker, but am now coming to terms with that as a fact). Views were exceptional, including the Isle of Man, and with creative imagination, perhaps distant Ireland.


Wallowbarrow Crag across Dunnerdale - a favourite climbing venue in the old days - always had a friendly atmosphere

Old mining remains on the ascent of Caw

The Scafells on the horizon

The trig just visible on Caw summit

Clockwise from Seathwaite

Caw summit and the geocache


afootinthehills said...

How long do you think it will take you to complete the Outlying Fells? You were wise not to have the op I think, what with recovery time and always the possibility of a poor outcome. I'm looking forward to following your summer activities, so that's another plus.

Sir Hugh said...

Afoot - There are 116 summits in the list and I have done 60 so 56 left to do.

There are 56 chapters in the book and I have done 36 so 20 left to do

Each chapter may contain one or more summits.

So 20 more outings assuming we don't combine some chapters which is possible. How that works out in weeks and or months I can't say.

Anonymous said...

That geocaching thing kicked in without a thought - I just stood and watched - I reckon you were ticking.