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Monday, 21 March 2016

Circuit of Devoke Water & Stainton Pike (Wainwright's Outlying Fells)

Chapters 33 & 34

Devoke Water (33)

Rough Crag
Water Crag
White Pike
Woodend Height
Seat How

Stainton Pike (34)

Stainton Pike
The Knott

Saturday 19th March 

It is as well we were not relying on my old iPhone 3 for navigation on this longer two chapter combination. I had that phone for a long time before agonising over the vast expense of acquiring my new iPhone 6S Plus last October.

A few days ago I was sitting in my living room chatting with my daughter when we heard a strange sharp sort of noise in another part of the house. After searching we could find no cause.

On Friday night I was debating whether to take the old iPhone 3 as a back-up on the morrow because it still features Memory Map. I went to locate it in my study and found it had obviously taken upon itself to explode.

Google confirmed others have had the same problem, and no satisfaction from Apple who say that the battery has a finite number of re-charges before something like this happens. Well I'm glad it didn't happen in my pocket. Even if injury was avoided it could give someone of fragile disposition a heart attack.

As it was no tech was needed on this round where we could see most of our route for most of the time, albeit often crossing fairly rough pathless terrain.

Contrary to  a mediocre forecast we eventually had long spells of sunshine improving as the day progressed. Devoke Water featured most of the time along with clear views of many of the larger Lake District summits, and there were sections of pleasurable ridge walking making this an all out classic round


Well, he did capture me in a similar situation a few days ago.
We wondered about the purpose of this iron gate contraption at the outflow of Devoke Water

Zoom to crags on The Knott


afootinthehills said...

Exploding iPhones, surely not. As a result of your persuasive powers Conrad, I am commenting from my newly acquired iPhone 6s Plus. Further, mapping will be downloaded tonight, so more expense.You have much to answer for!

Anonymous said...

I recognise some of those situations - but surely not that old geriatric trying to cross a small rivulet that could easily be jumped. Unfortunately I just missed a photo opportunity of some whippersnapper bum-sliding down a grassy slope, albeit quite steep.

Gayle said...

The exact same thing happened to Mick's old iPhone 3, just as we were trying to teach his (partially-sighted, complete technophobe) Mum to play audio books using it. As it carried on working, she had no idea anything was amiss until we next saw it.

AlanR said...

They should never have gone for fixed batteries. replaceable batteries are far better. Unfortunately once one company starts this backward step the sheep follow. I am loath to lose my Samsung S3 but I am almost ready to take over Sheila's Apple S6.
What a lovely day you had on Saturday. I am envious. I spent the day watching rugby.

Gayle said...

The exact same thing happened to Mick's old iPhone 3, just as we were trying to teach his (partially-sighted, complete technophobe) Mum to play audio books using it. As it carried on working, she had no idea anything was amiss until we next saw it.

Sir Hugh said...

afoot - I wonder if you are downloading the Memory Map 1:25000? I am having some problems in getting it oi present all the time. It seems you have to select the areas you want whilst you have wifi connection, but I can't quite get my head round it.


BC- Bum sliding should be acknowledged as thoroughly acceptable fell walking technique (so long as you haven't left your car keys in your rear trouser pocket).


Gayle - There is no way mine is going to carry on working. I'm not sure what to do with it - perhaps have it sort of framed like a Salvador Dali painting.


Alan R. - Good luck with the tech.

Yes that outing was certainly one that will stand out in the memory bank.

afootinthehills said...

Conrad - I'm sticking with 1:50000 at the moment but if you solve the problem with 1:25000 I might be tempted. I can't really justfy the £50 for mapping since I have SatMap, but against the cost of the iPhone it hardly registers I suppose.

That was certainly a grand outing Conrad.

Incidentally, do you prefer to be adressed 'Sir Hugh' or Conrad on the blog?

Sir Hugh said...

afoot - good to hear about others keeping up with the tech. I don't carry paper maps at all these days. I have the mapping on the iPhone and the iPad-mini at both scales, so there is a possible back-up if one fails. I do carry a written guide for long distance walks if available. I usually vandalise the books just extracting the pages I need.

When I first started blogging everybody seemed to have a blogonym and i went along with it. Sir Hugh refers to the fact that my middle name is actually Hugh , and that is coincidental with Sir Hugh's list which I have completed. I have no objection to being addressed by the blogonym or Conrad; perhaps the latter is now preferable. When I refer to others who have blogonyms I tend to stick to them to preserve what is perhaps their desired anonymity unless I have seen them using their own names anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi Conrad,
Thanks for directing me this way - these hills are superb aren't they. It's inexplicable to me that Wainwright left them out of his original set of guides. I did wonder whether public transport, or the lack of it, was to blame. Exploding phones! You do seem to experience more than your fair share of drama.