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Thursday, 21 April 2016

Boat How, Hesk Fell and The Pike (Outlying Fells)

Tuesday 19th April

Boat How -   NY  177 034

Hesk Fell  -    SD 176 946

The Pike    -   SD 186 934

It was perhaps as far back as 1960 that Gimmer (commenter herewith, and  lifelong friend right back to schooldays) and I, found ourselves on the southern slopes from Scafell Pike summit. Gimmer, or was it me, took a photo on 35mm. film of the sun glinting on Burnmoor tarn through the mist far below?

I have no recollection whatsoever of the rest of that day, but that photo has bewitched me ever-since, and given me a dilemma. On one hand I wanted to visit Burnmoor which I had not done previously, and on the other I was reluctant because it may spoil the magic of that photo image in my mind.

Well, today my mind was made up for me because Boat How overlooks Burnmoor Tarn and looks up at those southern slopes of Scafell Pike.

The contrast in weather couldn't have been greater - blue skies and sunshine as I trudged up from Boot across squelchy ground eventually seeing the aptly named Boat How ahead with its unlikely placement looking like a turned out blancmange at the end of the valley. The view of Burnmoor Tarn was reserved until reaching the summit, which although quite dramatic could not hope to compete with my previous sighting from on high over fifty years ago. A long way off a helicopter toiled and reverberated, back and forth, up to the path from Brackenclose to Lingmell, presumably assisting with footpath restoration.

I had arrived by the Birker Fell road from Dunnerdale and drove back over to ascend Hesk Fell and what Wainwright describes as its "dependancy", The Pike. The Birker Fell road is perhaps the most spectacular in the Lake District and it still provides a touch of excitement, which can hardly be said for Hesk Fell, a dull rounded summit - Wainwright: "A good view of the Scafell group is the only reward for its ascent". The Pike is better with a good view up and down Dunnerdale from its steep side rising above that best of Lakeland valleys.

On the way to Boat How out of Boot

Hard going. Could you really call that a path?

Boat How

Burnmoor Tarn and Scafell Pike

Looking back to Hesk Fell from The Pike

The Pike summit

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