Thursday, 5 May 2016

Halton, Lancs.

Another Thursday walk with Pete. For some who may be concerned, in a recent post I referred to "my late friend Pete" -  that was not Pete of Thursday walks fame ! It was another friend who I climbed with for a number of years from 1991 who sadly is no longer with us.

At last we have some warm weather and I walked in shorts for the first time this year - what pleasure that was.

The new Panasonic TZ60 is performing well. Although the sensor is supposed to be the same as the old TZ40 I am finding that I am making many fewer adjustment to lighting etc, in Photoshop.

Here are a few photos.


This building bore the plaque shown below

I Googled a translation which left me none the wiser:

"So as to benefit, not for themselves, but for all the President of the..."

The date is 1978 

Zoom to Ashton Memeorial, Lancaster, 4 miles away

If you want an example to define ubiquity here it is (Lucozade in particular)

Clougha Pike and Grit Fell, northern Bowland hills

River Lune

Start/finish at Halton, clockwise


gimme said...

maybe something improving like

not only for the self, but for all (people)
protect and make prosper (i.e. do good)

- the tense is that curious Latin one more or less commanding an action - i.e. indicating 'do this' (hoc age , perhaps !)

Sir Hugh said...

How can you remember Latinn from over 50 yrs ago? Sounds like a much better translation than the website I found.

John J said...

I like the results from your new camera. Your comments are timely, I'm looking to replace my Lumix DMC-SZ3 with something better, I think I may have found it.
You seem happy with it, would you recommend that I raid the piggy bank?
Argos & John Lewis are selling them for around £199.
Any further thoughts?