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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Dalesway (near Ribblehead to Dentdale)

Wednesday 15th June 2016

A continuation to fill in sections of this LDP I have not previously walked.

Doing these alone I have to devise circular walks, or in this case returning mainly by the same route. That means I can only cover half the distance of each walk actually on the Dalesway.

As there is not much else but photos in this post it is worth clicking to enlarge
Only a few hundred yards from the start. After the house it was moorland track accompanied by curlews, lapwings and oystercatchers, but after a couple of miles, a big let down for the Dalesway:  nearly five miles of road walking, albeit on very quiet roads. Even allowing for that the Dalesway is still high on the list of best walks in England (in my opinion)

Looking back - my car is on the road at the other end of the curving track
Dent Head Viaduct on the famous Settle Carlisle line - the little sister of much photographed Ribblehead viaduct a few miles further south near the start of this walk

Behind me, Ingleborough with broody weather, but I stayed dry and sunny all day
On the road down to Cowgill. I watched a small bird tending its nest in the bridge wall. Magic limestone stream running through

Typical Yorkshire Dales farm building

The Sportsmans Inn, Cowgill, not open on the way out but open on the way back - I pressed on

Typical Dalesway walking

This was being used to indicate the carp parking facility. There were no cars parked

Because of Alan R's interest in tractors I am photographing them, but trying to keep these shots to what I, as one with no knowledge of the subject, regard as probably more unusual, or in a particularly decrepit state

I walked through many of these lush hay meadows - that pink poker type flower was rampant here

Looking up Dentdale giving a general feeling for this Dales country

See next photo

Tub Holes Bridge

Weird shapes of water eroded limestone - looking down from bridge in last photo

I took careful note of timings and distances:

16.8 miles - lunch break 20 mins. Overall time 7.25 hours

Overall - 2.32 mph (subtracting lunch time 2.43 mph)

Memory Map says 1883ft. of ascent


John J said...

You were moving at a fair lick Conrad.
I never tire of the Dales Way, I've walked it in it's entirety twice and have been back to walk sections on numerous occasions - it's all lovely.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff Conrad you are spotting some good pieces of history.. The car park machine is an old Fordson Major. I am pretty sure the 2nd one is a Manitou Fork lift and the 3rd is a wonderful Nuffield 3/45, one of my favourite machines after the MF 40e turf machine.
I'm enjoying your Dales walk as it is a walk I have only done in sections and never completed it as a LDW. Alan.
Sorry for the anonymous comment but my iPad has run out of steam.

Sir Hugh said...

JJ - there was a lot of fairly rapid road walking. I still have a few more sections to do and am looking forward to them.


Alan R - oh dear! When I saw "anonymous" iI thought I had attracted another tractor fanatic. I hope you approve of my more selective approach. I will be looking out for a MF 40e turf machine, problem is I wouldn't recognise it, but I will try.

Gayle said...

It looks to me like, as well as a good speed, you also achieved an unusually high 'interesting tractors per mile' statistic. Three in one walk is good going!

Anonymous said...

18,000 ft of ascent.?

Sir Hugh said...

Alan R. - (Anon?) - Too many 8s - 1883ft. Thanks for spotting it - will correct