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Sunday, 31 July 2016

South West Coast Path SLIDESHOW

I have now edited AND CAPTIONED  the photos from my 20 day Land's End to Exmouth walk.

There are 319 photos.

To view click the link below to Dropbox.

Click on the first photo thumbnail.

Select "Full screen" at the bottom.

I found that each photo needs about one second to avoid buffering before advancing to the next - this may vary for different computers.



I have invented a little gizmo to deal with walking pole attachment to a rucksack. It applies if your rucksack has side pockets.

I cut off the top of a 500ml. plastic drinks bottle. To avoid problems with the sharp edge I put it briefly on my ceramic hob. The resulting object goes into the side pocket and poles can go in sharp edge down without damaging your rucksack.

My reason for this invention occurred on the train home. My poles were attached with sharp ends exposed, facing downwards. As I put my rucksack on in the train and swung round I nearly had somebody's eye out.

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