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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

S.W. Coast Path - Helford to Falmouth

Tuesday 12th July

At last a destination you may have heard of.

All the usual pretty bays with the ubiquitous beach café and families having fun mingled with single foot width trough paths, delightful cropped turf cliff tops, and waist high bracken and nettles.

I had not booked ahead. The TI centre in Falmouth had the only lady capable off sick so I had to STAND there going through the their brochure ringing b and bs with answer phones and no vacancies until I landed Falmouth Bay. They were helpful and found the Seaview pub for my evening meal where I am now. Whitebait again, and a very good boeuf bourguignon, and an ice cream pudding.

Back to the walk. At one point I descended to a bay. Here we go again railing, and it's the National Trust again. There was a sign for the coast path which on closer examination ( much later) had a badly eroded and almost invisible arrow pointing right. But within inches of the sign another bright red arrow sign pointed left, erected by you know who to way mark one of their own routes, so I walked half a mile before realising the error, and half a mile back.

I have to cross two ferries tomorrow to St Mawes then to St Anthony's Head. After that there is a very expensive coastline. So far I couldn't find a B and B and the cheapest hotel is FROM £195. I may be under a hedge.
PS. Just watched a guy put twelve savage twists of a salt cellar all over his meal


Anonymous said...

Just make sure its a posh hedge.

Sir Hugh said...

BC - it was not posh and not particularly enjoyable.