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Sunday, 10 July 2016

SW. Coast Path - Lizard to Coverack

Sunday 10th July

After a short distance, but hardish day I am now sat in the conservatory restaurant of the Paris Hotel at Coverack with a wonderful seascape on three sides.

Views today have been stunning with sunshine now and no sea fret, and at times it has been energy sapping hot with the path repeatedly more up and down than before. The path has also been narrow and trough like with a mini boulder interruption every fifty yards or so making for slow progress, but I dawdled anyway in view of the short distance. I stopped off at two cafés for tea. THERE IS JUST NO OTHER DRINK BETTER TO ASSUAGE THIRST AND DEHYDRATION.

I met a guy yesterday, Steve Mc Allister who is cycling round the whole of Britain, will post a link later to his blog.

I will report later on tonight's menu.

Starter - whitebait perfectly done - all crispy not soggy, and just enough thoughtful salad to accompany rather than over-face.

Main - whole plaice, salad, new potatoes - a long wait but worth it.

Did I have a pudding. I daren't say.


People watching. This pub restaurant is almost full, perhaps twenty tables, and it is now 8:15 pm. Several people are still wearing sunglasses propped up onto hair above forehead. I wonder what they think other people think when they see this?

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Gayle said...

The number of times I've merrily sat indoors somewhere for a number of hours before realising that I still have my sunglasses on top of my head. Fortunately, in my case, not in any way an attempt at a fashion statement.

AlanR said...

They probably couldn't care less.