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Monday, 25 July 2016

SWCP - Brixham to Torquay

Monday 25th July

In Brixham harbour there is an exact replica of Drake's Golden Hind in which he circumnavigated. Even though a replica it had me choked thinking of the hardships and the shear scale of achievement in such an unsuitable vessel. It seems like a toy.

This was said to be an easy section. After some road to start with it was off into the woods. There were unsigned paths everywhere and I got off course doing another massive descent to a beach with its corresponding ascent up steps that have no connection with human ergonomics - generally half as high again as your household version with varying distances in between. They are really barriers to stop further erosion.

After that walking was easy along the promenades of Goodrington and Paignton but in uncomfortable heat. Fortunately there were always stops for refreshment.

I arrived at Torquay TIC wanting them to find accommodation to the north but they had nothing to offer. They only cater for clients who register with them and it seems few do, I suspect because it costs. I decided to follow the path and take my chance. Again there were ascents and descents on the path and I battled on in the heat. At a bout 3:00pm I took to the road to find accommodation without taking too much notice and then found that I was not far off Torquay harbour where I had started from, having done a semi-circle.

I force marched back in the other direction, and not far from the Torquay suburb of Babbacombe I found the posh Ansteys Lea Hotel. They don't do one nighters but I was persuasive and got a full ensuite with a bed like a rugby pitch, but no breakfast for £40 - that's part of the enjoyment: using one's experience and communication skills to achieve the objective.

I am now eating in a gastro pub a couple of hundred yards away.

Tomorrow I hope to finish my SWCP section at Exmouth and have decided to settle for that. I had intended to go inland, north to connect with the Macmillan Way, Barnstaple /Castle Cary route and follow that to Castle Cary. That would take another week, and I think I have become addicted to B and B etc. accommodation in preference to the tent and I must draw the line somewhere on cost. AND, now here is a real whinge : yesterday and today I have developed a painful left ankle, enough to spoil ENJOYMENT. It is ok on flat surfaces, but even on lumpy woodland paths it is a problem. The heat, most of the time has been uncomfortable, and I think I am due for a rest. After what has been said in recent comments I HAVE enjoyed myself and am not deterred from future ventures, although I may well kick out the camping equipment - there is always a way.

I have a caravan booking in Torridon , Scotland before the end of August so watch this space. There will be local walks from home in the meantime. So, a final post for this trip to come tomorrow.

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KenB said...

Good luck on the final day. Look forward to your future adventures.

Sir Hugh said...

Kenb - Thanks for that.