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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

SWCP - Kingsand to Wembury

Tuesday 19th July

The forecast was frightening in terms of heat and I was persuaded to create a shorter walk by missing out the section form Kingsand that goes via two ferries to then travel through what I was told is the unattractive industrial scenery of Plymouth. Others have since disputed some of that and I'm a bit annoyed with myself. I am not fanatical about doing the whole of this LDP, and many take the ferry from Cawsand (Kingsand) direct to Plymouth then the short water taxi to Mountbatten, and it is a bit academic whether one would use the word cheating, but it still wrangles. Even if I finish this section to Exmouth there remains Barnstaple to Minehead.

The cruise across Plymouth Sound was a worthwhile experience in its own right in bright shimmering sunshine and a fresh wind. That wind was with me for most of the walk which was certainly hot, but nor quite enough to annul appreciation of the huge vista of Plymouth Sound with white sails setting off to who knows where, and a huge sense of history imagining the different sight one would have seen during WW2.

The going was easy on good paths. There was one stop not long after disembarking, for a Fanta this time, not tea, and further on for tea and lemon drizzle cake at Bovisand Bay. From there it was fairly wild rugged coastal walking nearly at sea level to arrive at Wembury.

My B and B is with a Mr. Greenwood in a large modern house. He is well travelled as an ex Navy guy and most interesting to talk to. This is an immaculate B and B, and for me the kind of memorable encounter that contributes to making these walks enjoyable.

I am now eating in The Old Wheel, and have enjoyed a repeat of a recent menu with whitebait, but devilled this time, and another good fish pie.

A long table has been set up to accommodate what looks like the annual outing of the Women's Institute, sixteen of them, eight down one side and eight down the other. The down-the-line snapshot impression I see is a collection of incredibly varied, specially done hair styles.

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