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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Torridon 3

Sunday 21st August

Just got back to Kinlochewe Hotel to pick up wifi after climbing:

Meal Ghiuthais NG 976 634

6 hours - hard going. Partial clearances, no rain.

It took me half an hour to get on wifi with BT Hotspot ( can't get on with the hotel wifi). Everything is so slow, and now every time I do anything Google wants me to enter email and password. I have had a good day, but this has really cheesed me off. Thanks for comments, I have tried to reply, but the problems have caused me to say much less than I wanted, and I have now run out of patience. Sorry folks, but I desperately need a shower and a lie down.

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Gayle said...

I often use BT Hotspots multiple times a day when we’re out and about and my main finding has been that the BT App is pretty poor and usually very slow (which makes it annoying that every time I manually log onto the BT hotspot I get an advert telling me to download the app for faster connection; I have the app and I doing the log-on bit manually because it generally won’t connect automatically! Rant over). So, my usual methods for getting on-line at a BT hotspot are as follows:

1) Turn on wifi and go to the list of available signals.

2) Find a suitable open BT Wifi or BT-Wifi-with-FON signal and hit ‘connect’. If it gets stuck on the ‘obtaining IP address’ bit, without connecting, for too long, then I look for another signal. There’s often a ‘wifi’ and a ‘fon’ one coming from the same source, or failing that wandering along to put yourself outside of a different house often works.

3) Once connected to the wifi, unless the App connects straight away (a rarity), then I open my browser and go to (I have it set as a shortcut for quick and easy access)

4) Login using email address and password. It’s one of the only websites for which I’ve told my browser to remember the log in details, meaning the fields are already be filled out and all I need to do is click ‘log in’.

Doing this I can usually be online within a minute. Of course, when out in the sticks, it’s quite probable that the speed of the internet is much slower than I’m used to at home, but still perfectly fast enough for blogging, Facebooking and downloading the weather forecast.

Hope something of my experience may be of use and that I’m not teaching you to suck eggs!

Gayle said...

Thought I'd leave two comments rather than hiding a hill-related thought within my BT wifi epic comment.

Whilst you were slogging up a hard-going hill today, I was doing some more Marilyn planning (yesterday's planning got scrapped when I remembered it was now stalking season and a bit of research suggested that may cause me some access issues in my originally selected area) and I kept coming across comments on like 'very wet', 'very hard' and 'never again'. I've often thought when doing the wet-footed high-step on hills worthy of those descriptions that some (many?) of the more obscure little Scottish Marilyns are significantly harder than the well-trodden bigger hills (e.g. Munros).

afootinthehills said...

A superb hill Conrad and do Ruadh-stac Beag as well if you get a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Stop worrying about WiFi and enjoy Scotland's finest. You can report to us when you are back home. All the best of weather.

afootinthehills said...

Good advice.

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle - thanks for the wifi advice. When I write comments or a post I like to do so from a comfortable situation not wandering up and down residential streets. The solution for posts is to write them up in comfort in Blogpress then follow your procedure just to publish I can save the posts in Blogpress. For comments I sometimes write them in an email to myself then copy and paste into My blog when I get a wifi connection. If I do get a BT hotspot it usually connects without the app or passwords etc.

I will be interested to hear more about your plans. I think you are correct about Ms - nearly all Munros now have well worn paths, but not Marilyn's. I am writing this with three bars on EE, no 3G with which I was able to open my blog and get this far so I hope it will go. As a precaution I will copy this into an email to myself just in case.

Sir Hugh said...

Bowland and Afoot - yes I know, but I fear I am addicted. I have a love hate relationship with all this tech and unfortunately I do not have a scientific brain. It is raining today, Monday and this has just given me an idea for a post so I will sit here in the caravan and write it up then go to the Kinlochewe for morning coffee and publishing.