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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Torridon slideshow

Here is the slideshow of my trip to Kinlochewe and  Torridon.

The weather was overcast a lot of the time so some of the photos are not so good. I am having some doubts about this Panasonic TZ60 but to get anything better would probably cost at least twice as much, and I haven't had it very long, and as I use my camera for backpacking I don't really want to go for anything physically larger.

Click on the Dropbox link, then click on the first thumbnail photo to get the slideshow, then click on "Full Screen" at the bottom to get the proper slideshow with black background. It seems each photo needs a couple of seconds to fully load.



Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the slide show. Fantastic area - Slioch, Liagach, Beinn Eighe some of the most atmospheric mountains in the UK. And your summits were special too. The gardens at Inverewe looked to be at their best.

AlanR said...

Really nice. I think the yellow dots in and white dots out is very effective and gives the viewer a better idea of the route.

Sir Hugh said...

BC - Tprridon is fine, but not for ther faint hearted. Most of the colourful pohtos at Inverewe were taken in the walled garden. elsewhere there was little in flower, but at any time of the year it is an ispiring place, and that coming from someone wgho has no love for gardening as a passtime. The amount of owrk that must have gone into its construction and the vision are wondrous.


Alan R. The whole thing about adding captions and the like is time consuming to do, but without them endless photos of mountains with no explanation can be a bit boring. On the blog it is easier because you can add captions underneath each photo, but for the slideshow I have to take them all into Photoshop involving quite a number of processes.