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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Northumberland Coast Path - day 6

Thursday 22nd September '16 - Belford to Island View Inn, A1

Everything has gone so well so far, but today provided "Snag of the Walk."

More cross-country on fields and muddy paths. I think it rained heavily during the night, but it has been fine all day. The farm terrain gave way to a long but pleasant stretch of consolidated track largely through pine forest, followed by more seriously muddy paths.

The only village I passed through was Fenwick which was unremarkable. The A1 was crossed and then Tarmac, tracks and paths, brought me to the start of the Holy Island crossing on the road. The next section of rough path followed the margins of the marsh and is probably covered at high tides, but I was ok up to the sluice marked on the map.

Anybody who tells you about their crossing to Holy Island always dramatises to have you believe they left it to the last possible minute coming back and racing the tide.

From the sluice I could have walked into Berwick finishing late afternoon, but that would have meant overnighting there, so I had found the Island View Inn on the A1 slightly off route so I could have a comfortable walk today and finish tomorrow (Friday) in Berwick about midday with a sensible train journey home.

Anybody interested can see the sluice on the OS map at NU 073 435 from where I walked to my inn at NU 053 420 on the A1. BUT, when I got there it was called the Lindisfarne Inn! I entered and threw myself on their goodwill. I was told the Island View was 6 kilometres further north up the A1. There was no way I was going to walk. I rang them and they agreed to send somebody to pick me up. That was a bit annoying, the worst part feeling like a an idiot. I find most accommodation websites fail to give their precise location because they are catering for motorists not walkers. I had seen this PH marked on the OS map when I booked weeks ago, failing to notice the correct one further up the road.

I can easily get back onto the NCP from here missing out about 4 kilometres of the path. However, if my big plan for next year comes to pass I will walk down that section from Berwick going south.

The Island View has given me a newly created double room and provided good pub grub albeit a repeat of last night's gammon.There are signs that they are trying to update what must have been a run down business - good luck to them.

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Gayle said...

I must tell you about our crossing to Holy Island and back sometime. It was entirely uneventful and made in good time, as one might expect of an obsessive planner!

It certainly rained a lot here overnight, as I drifted off to sleep accompanied by the sound of drumming on Colin's roof and there were lots of puddles about this morning, but like you I had excellent weather today.

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle - that gave me a little chuckle over breakfast this morning. I'm now at the station in Berwick awaiting my train home.

I'm awaiting your next post entitled, "the Day I Didn't Fall"

gimmer said...

Whilst that would be most revealing, I myself am waiting expectantly for the upcoming post entitled 'Clausewitz' second most well-known aphorism and me' (I cannot post on G's blog as I am blacklisted by Goggle for evil thoughts)

It seems there are almost as many golf courses on this stretch of coast as along the Angus shoreline - no wonder Northumbrians are good swingers !

You really do seem to have enjoyed this walk - a sort of 'Triumph' perhaps ?